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Fulton Single-Speed Winch Review

Fulton Single-speed Winch

 Tough pulling will demand tough winches. In such circumstances the Fulton Single-speed winch will prove an excellent option. This is essentially so because the Fulton Single-Speed Winch guarantees enormous strength, great durability, and excellent performance.


The winch is designed to maximally meet most of the requirements of a standard quality hand winch.


It has a capacity of 1800 pounds.



Highcarbon steel gears and frame

The gears are made of high carbon steel. This ensures high tensile strength and durability. The gear ratio of 5.1:1 is considerably low which implies good mechanical advantage and powerful cranking.


The frame is made of carbon steel to ensure tough rigidity for gear alignment and also improve durability.


High Corrosion Resistance

Fulton Single-speed Winch
Fulton Single-speed Winch with 1800 lb capacity


Corrosion resistance is improved through the use of zinc finishing. The Fulton Single-speed winches have an oil impregnated shaft bushing and a full length drum bearing both of which make the unit to operate smoothly and efficiently while also increasing durability.


As with all other models, this winch is designed for use with strap.

Check out here for more details of the Fulton Single-Speed Winch.


Key Features of the Fulton Single-speed Winch


The major features of Fulton Single-speed 1800lbs Trailer winch include:

  • Comfort grip handle which makes foe ease of cranking.
  • Option of Strap or Rope to suit your need.
  • Good Capacity. It has a capacity f 1800lbs
  • Highcarbon steel gears. The gears are made of high carbon steel. This ensures high tensile strength and durability.
  • Oil impregnated bushing. This increases efficiency and durability
  • Full length drum bearing. This increases ease of operation and improves durability.
  • Zinc finishing. This increases resistance t corrosion.
  • 20ft long and 2 inches wide strap which sometimes is considered to be more advantage than the wire rope.




Name:                            Fulton Single-speed 1800 lbs Trailer Winch

Brand:                           Fulton

Model Number:            T 180 120 101

Item weight:                  10.2 lbs

Dimension:                   10.9 x 7.4 x 58 inches

Capacity:                       1800 lbs

Speed:                           Single speed

Gear ratio:                    5.1:1

Hub size:                       ¾ inches

The Fulton Single-speed 1800 lbs Trailer Winch has  a number of versions. Click the link to view the different versions of the Fulton Single-Speed 1800lb Trailer Winch


Also, the Fulton Single-speed Winch has many size options ranging from 600 lb capacity to 2000 lb. A click on the link above will also reveal all the available sizes option.

Summary of Overall Reviews by Buyers.

The summary of the reviews by the people that bought and actually used the Fulton Single-speed 1800 lbs trailer winch shows that the winch performs creditably well as it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars at Amazon.


Most of the users are in agreement as to the following qualities of this winch:

  • The quality of the winch is very good and with quality workmanship
  • It works greatly as is expected.
  • The winch has great strength and has ergonomic design.
  • The strap is sturdy and long and as such is adequate for most winching needs.
  • The timely delivery of the winch appreciated.
  • The price of the winch is considerably right.
  • Some professed they are glad they bought it and will willingly buy it again or recommend it to anther person.



On the negative, one person complained that the handle is rather too long. This in actual fact is not a minus for the winch as the moderately long handle makes for easier cranking.



The Fulton Single-Speed Winch boasts of  enormous strength, great durability, and excellent performance.

The winch works well in most circumstances that require the use of hand winch. It is very durable and reliable.  It is  a must have for anyone needing a hand winch that is durable and efficient. Get one now at the best price ever at the amazon site.


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