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Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch Review

Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch

The presence of Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch helps ensure that you never find yourself stuck in an ugly situation you can’t get yourself out of. It also helps stop an adventure from being truncated as a result of being stuck.

When an adventure is not be truncated because of fear of being stuck, then it must be because of the presence of Tuff Stuff Xtreme Winch.


This tough or “Tuff” winch has a capacity of 12,500Ib, and is designed for real durability. It is also pocket friendly.


The Tuff Stuff Xtreme was originally built to meet Military standards. This is why it is able to compete favorably against the best winches in its class.


The control box of the winch is built to protect all of its electronics, as the life line of any electric winch depends on it. This partly explains why the winch enjoys the best warranty in the business.

A Powerful 6.65hp (5.0 KW) Motor

A motor operated winch needs a strong and reliable motor for efficient pulling that will not stall along the line. The6.65hp (5.0 KW)  electric dc motor that powers the winch provides sufficient power to handle any tough situation. The Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch is made of extremely powerful and reliable motor.

The powerful motor combines with the 166:1 gear ratio to offer the Xtreme pulling power that Tuff Stuff offers. This ensures that you or your friends will easily get out from any situation you may find yourself in.

The  6.65hp (5.0 KW) 12 volt dc series wound motor in conjunction with the 3-stage planetary gear system deliver power and good efficiency.

Use of quality rubber seals to keep the motor water tight protect the winch from influence of damaging elements such as water, snow, mud and other solvents.


The Tuff Stuff has a long (88 feet) and thick (3/8 inches) tough aircraft quality steel cable winch is built to military standards.


It has a small chrome lever on the top right which when turned disengages the clutch so that the cable can freespool or be pulled out quickly.


The Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch has 2 variants.
Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12,500lb Waterproof Winch with wire cable.


Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12,500lb Waterproof Winchwith Synthetic Rope


Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch
Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch with Synthetic Rope
The Tuff Stuff Xtreme Winch has many size options. See the various size options.

Features of the Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch

The major key features of this product include:

Capacity: 12,500 lbs. This is big enough for most vehicle recovery

Motor: 6.65hp (5.0 KW), series wound motor which enhances high pulling performance.

Remote: Wireless remote which enhances control from a safe distance of 75 feet radius.

Brake: Heavy duty built-in braking system which ensure safety during winching.

Cable: 88 feet long and 3/8 inches tough aircraft quality steel cable.

Hook: Heavy duty sling hook at more than twice the strength of the winch.

Line Pull: Single line pull rated at 12,500lbs

Fairlead: 4-way roller fairlead

Battery Leads: 2 gauge, 72 inches positive and negative battery cable for easy installation

Spool: Power spool in and out plus freespool when the clutch is disengaged.

Specifications of the Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch

Name:                            Tuff Stuff Xtreme

Brand:                           Tuff Stuff

Model No:                      TS 12,500 XT

Capacity:                       12,500 lbs

Dimension:                   21.3”L x 6.3” W x 8.6” H

Weight:                          90lbs

Cable:                            88 feet long and 3/8 inches thick

Power source:               Battery

Drum size:                    Drum diameter 2.52 inches

Drum length 8.82 inches

Motor:                           6.65 hp

Braking system:           Automatic in the drum

Gear ratio:                    265.2:1


Included Accessories

  • Water resistant winch cover
  • 8 Ton Snatchblock
  • 4-way Roller fairlead and Rubber line stopper
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Wired Remote Control with 12 feet cable.


Overall Review

The overall reviews by people who used the Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500 lb Winch reveal that the winch is deed tough to the extreme in terms of its performance.


The winch generally performs creditably hence its rating of 4.8 out 5 stars.


Many of the people who reviewed this winch described it variously as: “great winch”, “works great”, Looks great”, “the looks alone brings it compliment”.


Most of the users commended the fact that the  Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch is strong, nice looking, and a great performer. The power is such that it gives so much confidence that a user was so assured he would never be stuck any where as long as he has the winch with him.-

The waterproof aspect of this winch is highly commended by many of the users. One user even narrated how that this great winch was submerged in Florida swamp and yet worked well afterwards.


The fact that the winch is worth its price is variously described by different users in a variety of ways, such as: “I couldn’t ask for more for the price”, “It is a hardworking winch for the price”, etc.


Many of the users also commended the remote control which is a big plus for the winch.

Generally many of the users were happy and satisfied with the winch.


On the negative, one user pointed out that the Tuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch is a little bit heavy. This is not a big minus as many of the winches of this capacity do not weigh far less.

Where the is considered as a serious issue, the version of the winch with synthetic rope will be a better option.


Considering the great standard and quality of theTuff Stuff Xtreme 12500lb Winch, and also the fact that it is rated 4.9 out of 5.0, one can safely conclude that the winch is near perfect. Many people love what is perfect or near that.


Of great importance is the fact that most of the users gladly recommended the winch to others. I am the point man in this recommendation.Check it out here for more details. 

And for the version with synthetic rope, check it out here for more details.


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