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Warn 8000 lb Winch Review

Warn 8000 lb Winch

When going places with confidence and peace of mind is a priority, then Warn 8000 lb winch helps ensure that. This great winch will often work flawlessly no matter the nature of nasty terrain one finds himself in. Whether it is mud, snow, or rocks, as long as this winch is within reach, there’s no problem.


This winch has a number of variants variants:

The Warn 26502 M8000 8000 lbs winch,

The Warn 86245 VR8000 8000 lbs winch,

The Warn 8700s winch, which uses synthetic rope,

The Warn  38631 M8274-50 8000 lb winch

And the newer model, Warn 88980 ZEON 8 winch.

They are all similar, except for a few minor differences, which are shown in a table below.

Some of the key features of the Warn 8000 lb winch include:

8000 Lbs Pull Capacity


The rated pull capacity of this great but handy winch is 8000lbs while the pull speed is 8ft per minute. This capacity is more than sufficient to get your car or even 4×4 jeeps out of any situation that it finds itself. What can give more confidence than having the assurance that no terrain situation can defeat the Warn 8000 lb winch in a recovery duel?


 Presence of 4.8hp Powerful Motor


Powerful motor is the heart of any device that runs on power. The 4.8 hp series wound motor provides sufficient power to pull any object without fear of failure or disappointment. This is actually the source of strength of the powerful performance that is associated with the winch



A number of other features make the operation of the Warn 8000 lb winch easier and highly friendly. These are the presence of a 12ft long remote control, availability of automatic brake free spooling clutch, hundred ft long and 5/16 inches thick wire cable, fair lead roller provide enough strength and reach to get any vehicle out of any nasty terrain.

If peradventure you do not wish to be bothered further with more details about this Warn 8000 lb winch, you may wish to head over to this siteto purchase it; otherwise proceed and enjoy further details.



 Features of the Warn 8000 lb Winch

Warn 8000lb winch: logo
Warn Logo: a symbol of quality

The key features of Warn 8000 lbs winch. Its sleek, classic design and proven performance is characteristically of warn winches. The features of Warn 8000 lbs winch are:


Electrical control box and hand held remote with 12 ft lead


  • Presence of automatic brake system which provides easy control while winding
  • 3-stage planetary gear system for smooth, reliable and durable operation
  • Powder coated finish for chip resistance
  • 100ft long and 5/16 inches thick steel rope
  • 12v power source which powers the winch motor
  • Roller fair lead


  • Presence of optional wireless remote control which can be separately ordered.
Product Specification
Product nameWarn 8000 lbs winch
Model no26502
Dimensions21.0x6.3x7.6 inches
Capacity8000 lb single line pull
Gear ratio 216:1
Motor 4.8 hp series wound motor
Power source12v battery
Drum dimensions2.5 inches x 9 inches
Battery lead72 inches of 2 gauge wire
Clutchsliding ring gear



Copy of Table 1: Variants of Warn 8000 lb Winch (Differences)

ModelWarn 26502Warn 86245Warn 87800
Warn 8000 lb winch Variants
Warn 8000 lb winch
Warn 8000 lb winch
Warn 8000lb winch
Warn 86245 8000 lb Winch
Warn 8000 lb winch
Warn 87800s 8000 lb Winch
Rope type and sizeWire; 100ft x 5/16inWire; 94ft x 5/16inSpydura synthetic rope; 100ft
Weight74 lbs80 lbs65 lbs
Dimension21.00 x 6.3 x 7,6 inches26.5 x 13.5 x 8.0 inches26 x 18 x 8 inches




Summary of Overall Reviews by Buyers and Users


For a product to have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars even after a large no of people have reviewed it shows that the product is excellently outstanding. Such is the case of WARN 26502 M8000 8000IB winch.


The summary of the reviews of the Warn 8000 lb winch by the people who bought and actually used the winch reveals the following outstanding qualities of this great winch.


The name alone exudes confidence. The name is so much associated with quality that there is a great confidence that since it is warn, it must perform as warn. Nothing less is expected of a warn product that to perform as a warn winch. The brand name seems to add to its reliability.


Made in USA


The fact that this great winch is made in the USA is obviously an added advantage to it as pointed out by a large no of users. This seems to add to the trust that it must work when it is needed to work, as there is no compromise in the quality of the winch.


Quality product


All the users attest to the high quality of the product as well as the high quality of the materials used in its production. It is a well built winch and looks awesome. Simply put, it is a quality piece of equipment. All these add to the durability of the winch which makes it invaluable when off road.

Warn 8000 lb winch at work
Warn winch at work
Happy and Satisfied with the Warn 8000 lb winch


“I am very happy with this winch” and “I am very satisfied with this winch” are very common expressions among many of the users


Good line Speed

A number of users pointed out the fact that the line speed for this great winch is good. This implies you can get what needed to be pulled out much faster than the case with many other winches.


Great Winching capacity


This is an excellent buy for jeep owners. The winching capacity is more than sufficient to get your jeep out of any trouble that you get yourself into. A user while describing the great winching capacity if the winch said it pulled his jeep like a toy

While some users reported using this winch to pull 4runners out of some nasty situation others reported using it to pull trucks out of mud or some other situations.

Even when both axles of the vehicle are buried deep in the mud or snow, pulling it out is not a big deal for this winch.



Easy to install and simple to use



A number of the users agreed that the Warn 26502 is easy to install. The installation instruction is also easy to follow once you have where to mount it

The winch is also very simple to use



The remote is easy to use and can be easily attached to the winch when needed.

Light weight


The winch is light enough and yet very powerful. The light weight of the winch, which is a desirable quality of winches, ensures that no part of the vehicle sags as a result of its weight.


Highly recommended


Many of the users highly recommended it because of its dependability, safety and reliability.

Other recommended it because it is sure to work whenever it is needed. Some observed that it is a must have for everyone that trail riding because of the confidence and assurance that it can deal with almost any extrication issue that may develop

Quick delivery


The delivery time was within the stipulated time.

Cheaper at


A user who bought this winch at Amazon observed that the same winch sells higher at most 4×4 shops. It is therefore advisable that you save some money by buying it from Check it out here.


Life time warranty

The warn 26502 usually comes with a limited life time warranty. This is indeed a seal of quality.




There is no better insurance policy to get you confidence and peace of mind when you are off-road than a warn 8000 lbs winch which you can trust and rely upon when you need it.

For more details, check it out here

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