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Superwinch 3000 lb 12VDC Winch Review

Superwinch 3000 lb 12VDC Winch

The superwinch 3000 lb 12VDC winch is an intermediate winch. It is a multi-purpose winch appropriate for intermediate pulling needs.

Relatively big pulling needs will require such an intermediate winch. The winch is strong. It is durable and reliable.

The Superwinch 3000 lb 12VDC winch has all the desirale qualities one desire in an intermediate winch.

The winch has a capacity of 3000 lbs or 1360 kg and comes with roller fairlead, mount plate, handle bar, rocker switch and hand-held remote.

The 3-stage planetary gear train provides powerful cranking.

Adequate rope length for long distance winching is provided for by the 50 ft long and 3/16 inches thick rope. While a 4-way roller fairlead provide for smoother and more efficient rolling of the rope.


Some important features of the Superwinch 3000 lb 12VDC winch include:
Powerful 1.2hp  Motor.
Superwinch 12VDC 3000lb winch
Superwinch 12VDC 3000Lb winch

The 1.2 horse power permanent magnet low amp draw engine provides the winch with its great power.

The motor is the power house of the winch. The horse power is sufficient to provide the power needed to pull any object within the range of its capacity out of any unfavorable situation.


The permanent magnet motor is sealed. This helps to prevent unwanted fluid from entering the motor. This enhances durability of the motor.This in turn is vital for effective performance of the winch.

Provision of Handheld Remote Control

It has a wired handheld remote control with the 12ft lead. The free-spooling and ergonomic clutch both combine to give the operator an extra convenience and safety.


Without doubt, the safety of the user is of paramount importance. This is enhanced by the provision of a remote control. This enables the user to operate the superwinch 3000 lb 12VDC winch  from a safer distance.


Other Features of theSuperwinch 3000 lb 12VDC Winch

The following are key features of the Superwinch 1130220 LT 3000 ATV 12VDC Winch.

Capacity: It has a rated capacity of 3000Ibs making it an intermediate ATV winch that is suitable for medium pulling needs.


Motor: Sealed 1.2 horsepower permanent magnet motor. This prevents unwanted fluid from entering the motor.


Protection: It has a circuit breaker which protects the motor and solenoid in the event of current surge.


Brake: Automatic brake system. This ensures 100% load holding in the event of power failure, surge or sudden stop of the motor.

It also enables quick stopping of the drum.

Remote: 12ft handheld corded remote. This ensures one can work from a safe distance from the winch.


Rope: 50ft x 3/16 inches durable wire rope which works great with aluminum drum and is long enough enough for most ATV purposes.


Freespooling: This enables easy and fast disengagement and engagement of the wire rope.


Extras: Generic mountain plate, mountain hardware kits, handle bar mountable rocker switch, set of color-coated leads for connection to battery, 4” handsaver strap and user manual.


Warranty: Two years limited warranty.

SPECIFICATIONS of the Superwinch 3000 lb 12VDC Winch

NameLT 3000
Model Number 1130220
Winch Capacity 3000Ibs
Item weight 19.8Ibs
Dimension 13.2 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches
Drum diameter2.0 inches
Drum length 2.9 inches
RopeWire rope 50ft x 3/16in
Gearing 1-stage planetary
Gear ratio 136:1



About Superwinch Products


The superwinch is a well known brand-name when it comes to winches that are reliable and durable.

They are known for producing winches of different capacities ranging from hand winches to industrial winches.

The superwinch 1130220 LT 3000 ATV 12V DC winch is one of the popular products of the company.

Having been in the business of manufacturing winches for well over 40years, they have experience that ensures professionalism, sleek design and compact construction.


They are known for winches that are fast and easy to install.


For every form of application, whether it be racing, recovery, boating or off-roading, they have the right and suitable application for it.


Summary of Overall Reviews by Buyers


The summary of the reviews by the people that bought and actually used the superwinch 3000 lb 12VDC winch shows tat the superwinch is actually super as it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars at Amazon.


The following observations stand out from the summary of the reviews:


The Extras:

The winch is accompanied by a number of extras that ordinarily would have been purchased separately.

Such extras include: a generic mounting plate, remote corded switch, handlebars mount, overload and all wiring necessary to mount the winch.


This has the advantage of relieving you from having to research and buying them. So time and money are saved.

A few users, however, found the generic mounting plate unnecessary for their use or observed the quality was not good enough.




Many of the buyers and users expressed their satisfaction and happiness for buying the winch.


Worked great:

Majority of the users are in agreement tat the winch worked great in different situations and seasons such as winter.

Even after many uses, many observed, it did not fail to function properly.

Comparative Analysis:

A user who compared the winch side by side with other brands that are more expensive did not find the winch substandard both in performance, look, and quality.

A user after concluding that the winch is great wondered why anyone should spend higher for something you can get at far lower price and at the same time cannot tell the difference.

The winch worked with ease in some places where the popular brands struggled.

Fast and Quiet:

Many of the users observed that the winch is faster, quieter, smoother and more powerful than was expected.

Sufficiently Long cable:

Most users pointed out that the cable was long enough for many ATV use.

A user advised that the cable should be maintained by regularly cleaning and lubricating as necessary or as routine care.

Reasonable Price:

The price of the winch is so reasonable that many people just conclusively believe that the winch must be of low quality.

As a user puts it, “the low price is what caught my eye but since installing I have found out that I have purchased a very good winch”.

Another user wished he had bought it earlier.

In fact the price of the Superwinch 3000 lb 12VDC winch, even though it is a 3000Ib winch, is comparable to the price of smaller winches of 2000Ibs capacity.


Many users expressed their confidence in the winch after observing its performance. Infact a user expressed his looking forward to being stuck.

Fast Shipping:

Many of the users commended the fact that shipping was fast and that the delivery was within the stipulated time.

Exceeds Expectations:

The fact that the performance and ruggedness of the winch exceed expectations was pointed out by many of the users.


Many are of the opinion that they will recommend it to others while a good number actually have recommended it to others.

I join them in recommending that you go for this winch today. Check it out here.

On the negative, a few of the users complained of the fairlead as being of low quality.

One or two people also complained of the cable cutting after a few use. This is not a widespread complaint, so it could be either the result of mishandling or production defect.

A few people were also disappointed that the winch was made in China.

This is not a minus for the winch as what mattered more is not where it is made but how well it performs.


The performance of this Superwinch 3000 lb 12VDC winch is by far above its price. The numerous positive reviews by buyers and users attest to the fact that the winch performs creditably.

It does not lag behind some of the similar products of the same capacity but of much higher price. I recommend that you exploit these advantages if you are in need of an intermediate winch!

The price of the Superwinch 3000 lb 12VDC winch  is reasonably  affordable in comparison to its excellent value.

This winch is considered a necessity for every serious ATV and SUV owners because of its durability and reliability.


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