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Superwinch Terra 35 Winch Review

Superwinch Terra 35 Winch

Superwinch Terra 35 Winch has 2 versions: the cable version and the synthetic rope version. Like most Superwinch products, it is designed for convenience and comfort. It is sleek, simple, durable, reliable and efficient.

In fact, this great winch is designed with a goal in mind-to beat its competitors. This is the reason for the heavy duty permanent magnet motor and sealed bearings at both ends of the motor.


The Superwinch is portable as it weighs only 17ibs and measures 13.4 x 4.5 x 4.8 inches making it convenient to be carried about.

Terra 35 has two variants.

The 1135230 version has hawse associated with the single line pull. It uses synthetic rope.
Superwinch Terra 35 Winch
Superwinch Terra 35 Winch with Synthetic Rope


While the 1135220 version of it has fairlead associated with the single line pull. It uses wire rope.
Superwinch Terra 35 Winch
Superwinch Terra 35 Winch with wire rope

Powerful Handheld Remote Control

A wired handheld remote control with 10ft lead and a free-spooling, ergonomic clutch both combine to give the operator an extra convenience and safety.


Without doubt, the safety of the user is of paramount importance. This is enhanced by the provision of a remote control which enables the user to operate the winch from a safer distance.

Option of Synthetic Rope or wire cable

Many winches come with either a cable rope or strap, giving you no option of choice. But the Superwinch Terra 35 winch gives you two options to choose from: wire cable or a synthetic rope.

A number of users usually prefer the synthetic rope to the cable. This is because the synthetic rope weighs far less and is more convenient as kinks are absent. This is a great advantage, particularly if the winch is frequently moved from one place to another.


Key Features of Superwinch Terra 35 Winch


The major features of Superwinch 1135230 Terra 35 3500Ibs winch include:

  • Tough planetary gear system designed to cope with the maximum load the winch is designed for. This ensures durability and reliability.
  • The pull line of this superwinch is made of synthetic rope or wire cable that are very tough and so can withstand load stress beyond the rating of these products.
  • Presence of a protective coating around the synthetic rope to help minimize abrasion and consequently prolong rope life.
  • Longer lasting battery working through the provision of high torgue and low current draw as load or weight is pulled through unfriendly terrain.
  • Presence of handheld remote control ensures more convenience and the possibility of operating the winch from a safe point around the winch.
  • Remote sealed to ensure it is water resistant.
  • Presence of a circuit breaker which protects the coil from damage.
  • There is automatic brake that ensures the load is held in place in the event of power failure.
  • The drum diameter of 2.0 inches helps ensure longer rope life.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty implying that it is designed to work fine for appreciable length of time.
  • Tough steel wire rope  50 feet long and 13/64 inches thick to cope with rough terrains.
  • High efficiency, low amp draw, sealed 1.6 hp permanent magnet motor



NameTerra 35
Model Number 1135230
Capacity 3500Ibs or 1588kg
Motor Capacity1.6 hp
Dimension 13.4 x 4.5 x 4.8 inches or 340mm x 114mm x 122mm
Weight 17Ibs or 7.7kg
Drum diameter 2.0 inches 2.0 inches
Handheld remoteYes, 10'
Wireless remoteOptional
Rated line pull3,500 LB (1,588 kg) bottom layer
Motor1.6 hp Motor, 12V DC
Gearing3-stage planetary
Gear ratio140:1
BrakingMechanical and Dynamic
Wire rope13/64" (5.5mm) x 50' (15.2m
Drum Diameter2.0" (50.8mm)
Drum Length3.2" (81.3mm)
Roller fairleadStandard, 4-way
Switching methodHandlebar mounted toggle
Freespool clutchCam action
Color-coated wiringYes


About Superwinch Products.
Superwinch products are among the high ranking and popular winches trusted by hobbyist and professionals for everything from racing to recovery, boating to off-roading.

Superwinch products, including the Superwinch Terra 35 Winch, are designed for fast and easy installation – whether portable or permanent. Superwinch winches are vailable in capacities ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 pounds. This implies that Superwinch has the right winch capacity for your every conceivable application.


Summary of Overall Reviews

The summary of the reviews by the people who bought and actually used the Superwinch Terra 35 winch shows that this superwinch is actually a super! It has a rating of 4.6 out 5 stars at the Amazon site.


Most of the users agree that the Terra 35 Superwinch is well built and has a nice design. Many others described it as a great product that is well worth the money.


The winch operates smoothly, is very powerful and performed above expectations in all the instances it was put to use.


The truth to the fact that this winch is a great performer is described by a user who used the winch to get out his Honda Rancher which was badly stuck in a thick and mashy mud. The interesting summary of the story is that his 2 friends ATV winches each of 2000Ibs could not pull out his vehicle and so he decided to use his Terra 35 which pulled his vehicle out of the mud.


A number of the users expressed their preference for the synthetic rope to the cable. This is because the rope weighs far less and is more convenient as kinks are absent.


Some users who have put the winch through some serious work and found that it did not let them down, expressed that they are well pleased with the winch.


The presence of a remote which enables one to operate the winch from a safe distance was commended by some users.


A number of reviewers commended the fast shipping and quick delivery from


This winch, if installed right, is a great piece of equipment to have around.


So if you are on the look out for a great winch, the superwinch Terra 35 winch is the right winch to consider! Why? This is because in addition to all these excellent features, the winch boasts of a highly competitive price at Amazon.


On the negative, a user complained that even though the winch works great; he is disappointed that it is not made in the USA. This is not a good minus for the winch because the important thing is that it works well and not where it is made.


Outstanding winch for the price. Quieter than most that are even more expensive. The straight forward installation is matchless. The circuit breaker versus competitors fuse blocks makes this great winch a winner all the time. Lets face it, how many people carry extra fuses on the trail? Not many! If it trips, which it probably won’t and shouldn’t, just reset it. This winch will pull your ATV out of any mud hole or up any hill. I join the person affirmed that he would buy this great winch 100 times over to recommend that proceed to amazon to check it out.

The performance of this  Superwinch Terra 35 winch is by far above its price. The numerous positive reviews by buyers and users attest to the fact that the winch performs creditably.

It does not lag behind some of the similar products of the same capacity but of much higher price. I recommend that you exploit these advantages if you are in need of an intermediate winch! Check it out here.


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